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If you have a business anywhere in Colorado, then you need legal help every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if you need guidance start your business or help making sure all necessary filings are made as you operate your business. The highly skilled attorneys at Pitler and Associates are exactly what you need to make sure you’re in full compliance with every law, rule and regulation.

We provide answers, guidance and efficient results for our clients


Our legal team has seen almost everything when it comes to helping businesses get through complex legal matters. Because of that, we have the knowledge and the preparation to handle anything.


We always provide our highest quality legal services. We pride ourselves on billing honestly and ethically for the time spent on each and every case for our clients.


The legal team at Pitler and Associates has compiled many decades of experience in the law. We know a lot about the law, but we also know the most important details in the court system. 

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We are dedicated to the future of law through preparing the next generation of attorneys

Pitler and Associates, P.C. attorneys love working with students the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. We do this because our legal team is trying to prepare the field for the future. As the business world changes, so must the law to reflect it.  

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Balance Between Collaboration and Aggressiveness

Reason with both sides to get an acceptable & fair settlement

The overwhelming majority of cases are settled well before there is a trial, which means negotiations are critical. However, proper negotiation requires just the right balance. At Pitler and Associates, we work with the other side to the fullest extent possible, but we will not hesitate to defend the needs of our client.

If there's no agreement, then we go to court and zealously represent our clients

In the rare case when it is not possible to reach a fair settlement, you need an advocate for your legal issue who will fight hard to make sure your needs are fairly represented in court. With Pitler and Associates, the judge and jury will know exactly where you stand and you will get every right you’re entitled to under the law.