Owed Money? We Can Help!

If someone owes you money, getting the judgment is only half the battle.  Collecting that money is the truly difficult part. The collection of money owed is an art – an art we specialize in at Send Guido. Send Guido is here to aid you in the collection of the money that is owed to you.  We focus on the legal professional in the collection of accounts owed to the lawyer by clients who will not pay.  You may not be able to squeeze blood from a turnip, but you can from a deadbeat.  We can also help if you are unjustly accused of owing a debt.

The collection of money that is owed to you is a reasonably complicated process.  We at Pitler and Associates, P.C. suggest that you first consider the use of an attorney to represent you in a collection.  But if you choose to represent yourself, the following forms may offer you some assistance.  Please note that we are not offering legal advice to you in any way by providing these forms.

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