Problem of Divorce–Some Suggestions


I have been practicing law for almost 50 years. In that time I have seen our Country go through many changes. I believe in very important ways our country has suffered declines.

The divorce rate and brake up of families I suggest is one of the major reasons for the decline of the United States.  I am hopeful, with G-D’s help, to be able to show you steps that are simple in concept, a little difficult in execution, to reverse this terrible tread.  Those who know me know I have made part of my living representing people in their divorce cases.  Over the years in my practice and those of other lawyers, I observed that in a lot of the cases the divorces could have been avoided.  I also observed most of the time neither party knew what to do to try to work things out.  The lawyers did not help and in many instances inflamed the problem by supporting their client’s hurt feelings.  I am not talking about the cases of extreme emotional and physical abuse, alcohol, and drug addictions, adultery and incest or where the relationship is truly incompatible and should be ended; I am speaking about the divorces that take place because marriage takes a lot of work and people do not know how to change the course of their married life to make it worthwhile.

It is proven by virtually all of the studies that married couples enjoy life more, live longer have healthier lives than single people.  A family provides the learning ground for children who do better in school and are able to establish healthy relationships. The job of every person is to live their life to the fullest.  Within a family unit that is growing emotionally and spiritually the adults and children can develop the living skills that lead to productive and joyous lives. Restore the family unit, and you start to restore an important foundation of this country.  I am going to give you ideas to explore and I encourage your responses and questions.

Between men and women, men have it easier in life. No doubt some of you do not agree with what I just said.  Men do not have to face the risk of child birth.  That alone proves my point.  But there is even more. Women do most of the heavy lifting in raising children.  Raising children is her job one and is very time consuming. This fact also makes a mother the most important person in the world.  Adolph Hitler and Albert Schweitzer both had mothers.  Do not ever underestimate the effect of the first three years of life a mother has on a child.  Yes fathers are important but not in the same way when a baby is held and nursed by his/her mother. The effect on a child of a happy mother during this period cannot be overstated.

I leave you with these thoughts-Men and women are different.  How different?  Very different.  Men have a job and we will be talking about this a lot.  The job is called the three A’s- A’s- appreciation, attention and affection. Remember men a happy wife will mean a good life.  We will talk more.

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